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We received the results from Jonas’ ELISA test. The one thing I really hoped it wouldn’t be, it is. Eggs. I rely so heavily on them. We go through 5-6 dozen a week. At least our monthly egg bill will significantly decrease!

You can see his result for eggs is in the extremely high category.

You can see his result for eggs is in the extremely high category.

But yeah, this is not at all convenient. The biggest challenge will be figuring out a way to still allow him to have some baked goods. When you don’t have gluten, you really need eggs. I think some people use chia seeds, but those are only supposed to be used later in GAPS, once most healing has taken place.

So, I’m a bit disappointed. And I’m feeling a little overwhelmed having to adapt to a change like this on an already restrictive diet. I don’t really need one more thing to figure out right now!

On the bright side, according to the test, he is okay with dairy and nuts. I am rather shocked about the dairy, as he really seemed to be reacting this spring. I don’t know. I wonder if the test is less accurate when a person has been off of a food item. He did have sour cream once about a month ago, and I thought it caused an increase in accidents.

My plan is to have him off of the eggs for a week or two and then try adding some dairy in. Give him a chance to get the egg out of his system and see what happens before introducing anything that could cause a reaction. It will be so great if he can start having kefir and cheese.

My hope is that once he is off the eggs, his healing will progress much faster. I can’t believe he’s been eating something every day that he is highly sensitive to! It will be interesting to see if he feels different. Other than sometimes being tired, he doesn’t have any physical complaints, but if he’s been living with this for a long time, maybe he doesn’t realize how good he could feel.

I mentioned in my last post how I regretted having him on reflux meds as an infant. Seeing as the medication didn’t do more than take the edge off his pain, I’ve thought in hindsight that there was something in my diet besides dairy that he was intolerant to. Eggs make so much sense. The poor little guy never got relief, since I consume them every day.

We did the best we could as new parents, but it’s hard not to regret not knowing better. I am confident that things happen for a reason though, and if nothing else, it was Jonas’ health problems that led us to discover Weston A. Price and traditional foods. And we are all better off for that!