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Jonas finally recovered from the latest accident marathon. He’s had a good week or more without accidents during the day. Staying dry all night continued to be a struggle, but he made it the last two nights.

There’s a possibility it could be a die off reaction, but I’m thinking not. Until today, I had no idea what the trigger could be….and then he went and had an accident. He actually had a potty accident plus two very small bm accidents – just a little more than a smear both times. So, that got me thinking, what did he eat yesterday.

He had nuts and I couldn’t even recall for sure the last time he had them. Possibly a couple weeks have gone by. I make Larabar like snack bars with ground nuts and/or seeds and dried fruit. They are a staple in our fridge. He was eating off of a big batch of apricot sunflower seed bars (no nuts) for well over a week. I am almost certain it has been a couple weeks or more since I made a batch with nuts. I use coconut flour for most of my baking, the only regular exception being this sandwich bread which is half coconut, half almond flour. I usually make one loaf a week, but I didn’t last week, so it’s been at least a week, probably closer to two since he’s had almond flour. I can’t think of any other times he would have had nuts during the last two weeks. Yesterday I made a new batch of snack bars with almonds and walnuts. I think there is a decent chance the nuts are the trigger.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but we recently did a finger stick food sensitivity test for him. We should get the results in the next week or so. It tests for 96 common foods. It will be interesting to see what it turns up. In the meantime, I am definitely going to keep him away from nuts and see if that helps.