I’m just popping in for a moment to say that I am having the best day I have had for….I don’t even know….for a long time. I still feel tired, but not the horrible fatigue, and I actually have motivation, which is huge. Today, I am tackling piles of clutter that have built up while I have been feeling so bad. There have been three big boxes of books sitting out on our porch for a couple months. They were given us by one of Ben’s coworkers because his kids had outgrown them. I have sorted through them, rearranged the bookshelves and put away everything we are keeping. Not exciting news, I realize, but I have just been feeling so fatigued and directionless and close to helpless, really, so I am thrilled to be able to look around me, make a plan, and carry it out. Yay!

Looking forward to more good days.

(And now, thanks to my title, I have that old Gershwin song in my head. Do you know it? “Things are looking up. I’ve been looking the landscape over, and it’s covered with four leaf clover. Oh, things are looking up since love looked up at me.” Anyway…)