My doctor prescribed me B12 injections (methylcobalamin). They arrived yesterday. Once Ben was home and I had a few minutes without baby Nolan, I grasped the flesh at the side of my stomach and tentatively stuck the needle in as Jonas looked on. Bridget wanted nothing to do with this. It wasn’t too bad. I found it a little tricky to press the plunger down at first and it burned a bit as I did. But all in all, it was just fine. Heck, I’d do a lot more than that if it means I can stop feeling like this!

Even after one shot, I have observed a couple subtle, positive changes. Most noticeably, I didn’t have any leg cramps last night for the first time in a long time. I still had tingling and muscle twitches, but no cramping. Sure, it could be a coincidence, but I prefer to believe not. This morning I also felt lighter. Not sure how to explain it exactly, but I just felt like I could breathe more easily. As I drove the kids to VBS, I actually found myself smiling. Just smiling because I was with my kids and my kids are awesome. (Crazy that I was surprised by a bit of simple, pure, happy for no particular reason happiness). By afternoon, I was feeling the fatigue set in, but I must admit that I had a better day than most. I am not ready to attribute my better mood, without a doubt, to the injection. I do believe our minds are powerful when it comes to suggestion, and I think there is something to the ability to feel better when you believe you will – to an extent. But, I don’t know, maybe that 3,000 mcg did something for me already. Whatever the case, I am very hopeful. And I am very grateful. I perceive God’s hand in all this. B12 was not on my radar, but a woman on the GAPS forum brought it to my attention at just the right time. I hadn’t even mentioned all the symptoms I was having. I was talking about my son, not me. But her words came right when I needed to hear them and probably saved me a lot of wasted time and suffering.

Part of me doesn’t want to get my hopes up, yet I will say: here’s to feeling better!