I wrote this post a month ago, but never got it edited and posted until now. (Bridget turned four on May 27th).

4th Birthday

Bridget, you are my sweet girl. I love you so very much, and I feel so honored to be your mom. God made you so special, and you bless our family in uncountable ways.

You have such enthusiasm for life. While you are rather shy in certain circumstances, those who know you well, know you are spunky and creative and full of energy.

You love to sing and dance and pretend. You have quite the imagination. I love how you talk or sing to yourself in the bathroom, but then you get upset if anyone hears and comments. “Don’t hear me!” you say, feeling a little self conscious. Yes, you are a funny combination of free spirit and sensitive to the eyes and ears of others. One of my favorite things to hear you sing from behind the bathroom door is “Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord,” because you still have trouble pronouncing your Rs and Ls. “Bwessed be the name of the Wod, bwessed be your gwo-rious name!”

You are a pretty tough and spirited little girl. When you fall and get hurt, you pop back up, saying, “I’m okay.” Even when you are only sorta okay. Sometimes, you say it through tears streaming down your cheeks as you run to catch up with your brother. You don’t like bloody knees, though. You always check, and if there is blood involved, you need a bit more time and care before you are back to running around.

Something that strikes me as funny is you have quite a gag reflex, and you cannot stand to see your baby brother with mashed up food on his face. Sometimes the sight actually makes you gag as you ask me to clean him up or remove his bowl of mashed up food from your view!

You love animals. I mean, love them. You like pretending you’re a kitten. In recent weeks, you have become Lilac the Kitty, and you often speak to us in meows. Lately, you’ve been sing-songingly saying, “What’s my naa-aame?” with a twinkle in your eye, to which we reply something like, “you’re Lilac the Kitty.” About a year ago, you went through a phase of pretending you were a pink kitten. Now you are no longer a kitten – and you will correct us – you are a kitty. In your mind, a kitten is a baby, a kitty is a kid, and a cat is a grown up. So, you are a kitty these days.

You are a prolific drawer, and I think you have a gift for it. Lately, you have also been enjoying writing words. I love the special note you recently wrote me that says “Mom, I love you Mommy.” You needed help spelling love, but you are certainly learning how to spell. The note is hanging on the side of the fridge. Yes, you are precocious. You often sat in on Jonas’ first grade lessons this year, following along with the readings and telling back what you remembered. I’m glad that you could enjoy some of the stories with us.

God gave you a helping heart. Whether it’s making dinner or folding laundry or frosting a cake, you always cheerfully ask, “can I help?” Whenever Dad or I go out to run an errand, you’re right there asking, “can I come too?” You love to tag along, and I love that.

You adore your big brother and you like to entertain your little one. You and Jonas are nearly inseparable. The two of you play together for hours on end, and it is such a blessing to me to see the love you have for each other.

I love holding you in my lap and holding your hand. I love hearing your laugh and your thoughts. I love your beautiful, innocent face and your loving heart. I love you.

God made you for a purpose, and I look forward to see you become more and more of who you are.