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Well, it’s been a while. There are a few half finished posts that have been sitting in my queue for the last month. I have had such a hard time finding writing time. I’ve been met with some rather overwhelming weeks, and I have been tired. We’re up north for a little getaway, so I am hoping to have some time to relax, think, and write.

When we return home, we are rebooting the GAPS diet. While we have continued on the diet these last few months and are eating it on vacation (minus the broth and cultured veggies), I have discovered that we haven’t been doing everything right. Namely, I have continued to drink raw milk. I just learned that this is a no-no that is prohibiting healing because lactose is a disaccharide which GAPS people cannot digest. Even though raw milk, unlike pasteurized, contains lactase, the enzyme needed to break down lactose, it does not consume all the lactose. Thus the remaining lactose ferments in the small intestine becoming food for the unfriendly bacteria. In the book, the author mentions raw milk as an exception to consuming only cultured dairy. She did not go into details, but apparently, I misunderstood that this is only for those who have already healed their guts and are coming off of GAPS, not for those starting out. I learned this from the Yahoo support group. It’s rather disheartening to think that for the last few months, I have been almost daily consuming something that, while very nutritious, has been holding my progress back.

I mentioned some time ago that once in a while, we eat potatoes. I knew that this was not GAPS “legal,” but I didn’t really understand the detriment of this occasional cheat. After all, potatoes are often the first thing people start eating when they are coming off of GAPS. How much damage could they do in small quantities? I feel foolish now for thinking it was no big deal to stray from the protocol in this small way. Like raw milk, potatoes contain a disaccharide. So, potatoes two or three times a month were probably doing enough to keep those pathogens alive and kicking, despite our efforts in every other way to starve them out.

What a waste.

I know what we’ve been doing isn’t a complete waste. But it does feel that way when I think about the time we’ve already put in. So, now it is time to refocus and do this one hundred percent.  There is no point in continuing if even an occasional departure from the protocol is going to be a road block to complete healing of our guts.

In addition to removing these offenders from our diet, when we get back, I want to increase our intake of broth. It is a struggle to keep enough made. Oftentimes, we’ve only been having it once a day because it is just hard to keep up with it. My goal for Jonas and I is going to be three times a day.

I am confident that the last few months have done a lot of good for our bodies despite my missteps, but it’s hard to not regret the time wasted. I am looking forward to seeing more positive health changes as we correct our errors.