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Tonight I was asking Jonas how he has been feeling and if there are any health related things he wants the doctor to know. (I sorta feel like a bad mom, as this is the first time I have thought to really ask him if he is feeling okay on the diet. I guess I thought he would tell me if he was feeling differently than normal, but I suppose that is expecting a lot from a little kid. Live and learn).

I have noted dark circles under his eyes (and mine) the last couple weeks, and he started complaining of itching eyes a week or so ago. At first I thought maybe he had developed a bit of an allergy to pollen or something, but then I started wondering if it was because of dryness in his body. I have been experiencing weird dryness (did I mention this yet?): chapped lips, flaky dry skin, no sweating, and it would make sense that this is causing the constipation issue. I don’t believe it is a dehydration issue. We both get plenty of liquid. Googling led me to various paleo posts in forums and blogs mentioning dryness, so apparently it must be somehow related to lack of grains or a low carb diet. I have no idea what, specifically, is causing it.

But back to what Jonas said…

He’s more tired than usual and says he feels distracted. I have noticed during school lately that he has sometimes been having trouble concentrating, which isn’t like him. It is especially apparent during math. The other day, I came over to the table see how he was progressing, and he hadn’t done a single problem in ten minutes time, but he had made writing and shapes all over the page which made it practically impossible to look at the problems and focus.

He also says his “head feels funny sometimes.” I think I prompted him by asking if he meant he feels dizzy, and he said yes. So, perhaps a blood sugar issue? I have been met with some dizziness lately when I get up too quickly.

And this one is curious. He was really being thoughtful and taking his time thinking about how he’s been feeling, and he said his “feet feel weird.” I thought maybe he meant that they get tingly, that he was having circulation issues, but he said it’s like he “trips a lot.” When I asked if he has always felt this way or if it was something that recently started happening, he said recently.

Poor guy. I just want him to be better, and I feel bad for putting him through all this. I mean, he is a happy kid and it’s not like he is sickly or anything, but I just wish so much he didn’t have to worry about any of this. It must be a burden to have to deal with incontinence  It can’t feel good. And then to go through this diet and have side effects that make him feel sub-par…

And by the way, speaking of incontinence, I took him off dairy again…probably about two weeks ago. At least a week and a half. Anyway…..Once we got passed the die off he experienced a couple months ago, he was doing great – accidents were really rare. And then he started having them again, but it wasn’t the same as when he was having die off symptoms. Those were major accidents. When he started having trouble again, it was often what he refers to as “half accidents,” where his pants would be damp, but not soaked, and he often wouldn’t realize it right away. It was becoming common place, happening a few times during the day. He was also having minor BM accidents – just a small amount, usually dark and tacky. (Sorry for the TMI – never thought I’d be blogging about pee and poo, yet here I am)! The only thing I knew to do was try taking him off dairy, even though he seemed fine on it for some time. I don’t know if I didn’t introduce it slowly enough, if it built up in his system over time, or what, but the incontinence has mostly cleared up in the last few days.

As for me, I mentioned a few negatives I have been experiencing in my last couple posts. I wrote most of my previous post last week, even though I only posted yesterday. Last week, I was feeling good energy wise – feeling the way I have been since settling into GAPS. This week, I have been feeling really fatigued, and I have had a headache today. Headaches have never been normal for me. Maybe it’s psychosomatic. I have been reading a lot about thyroid and adrenals because I know my metabolism is out of whack, and perhaps the information is too suggestive. lol Or perhaps the honeymoon is over. Hopefully I will bounce back. If not, it is time to reevaluate.

I don’t mean to sound down on GAPS. I know it has been awesome for so many people, and it may be awesome for us too. I know I can’t expect it to be a smooth and simple journey, but I guess I didn’t realize that this way of eating had the potential to aggravate other health related issues that then need to be dealt with. I feel a little discouraged. I’m tired.

Some people start having trouble on GAPS by unintentionally going too low carb, but I think, considering we’re grain free, we get a good amount of carbs. We eat what I have worried is too much fruit and honey and baked goods – plus we have thrown in the occasional potato. But I am going to try to up the “legal” carbs by keeping beans and lentils prepared. Unfortunately, Jonas won’t eat those, but I am hoping it does me some good to have them daily.

Enough from me. I need some rest.