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I was sick the week of Easter, and toward the end of it I had two days of terrible sinus pressure pain. My nose itself was clear, nothing was green or even yellow, and the pain dissipated after a couple days. After recovering, I did continue to have some mucus high up in my sinuses which was a very minor irritation, but I felt fine. Then last weekend I started to get some pain back. Nothing debilitating; just headache and pressure in my cheeks and nose, mostly when bending over. I never have headaches, and I can’t really think of a time in my life when I have had a sinus infection. I started using a neti pot a few days ago in hopes of clearing anything high up in my sinuses. Sitting here now, I still have a headache a week later. My sinuses have seemed completely clear for several days, but I still feel pain. I am starting to wonder if it could be detox. I have upped my intake of kefir and kombucha lately. Maybe I should back off and see if there is any change.

Has anyone who is not prone to headaches and sinus infections experienced them while on GAPS or a similar healing diet? I don’t want to blame every ailment on detoxification, yet I find it odd that I am dealing with this especially since I no longer seem to have any mucus, from what I can tell.

Such a mundane post, I know. (I have so many more interesting posts started that I never find adequate thinking time to finish)! Anyway, I suppose it makes more sense that my current condition is a result of my illness from a couple weeks ago, but it is curious to me as I never get sick with these types of symptoms.

Sigh. I think I will go fill the neti pot again.

UPDATE: I solved the sinus issue by breaking a probiotic capsule into the neti pot. Did it once Saturday night and when I woke up the pressure was gone, but I still had a headache. Did it again Sunday afternoon and I was back to normal on Monday.