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Back in January when we realized that we needed to do something about Jonas’ stomach issues, I thought about GAPS as a possible solution, but in a last resort sorta way. The intensity scared me a bit. The more I read though, the more convinced I was that it was the right course. And now, I can’t imagine not having done this. It is working. We are all doing well.

The main way Jonas’ digestive issues have manifested over the last couple years is in accidents. In the last several weeks, incontinence issues have disappeared as long as he is completely following the diet. There have been two times in the last couple weeks when he has eaten something he shouldn’t, and we saw the proof of it both times.

Our family was recently down with a bug and by Saturday we didn’t have much in the way of prepared food left. We had a loaf of sprouted bread in the freezer, so I asked Ben to make me a piece of toast with butter since that always sounds good to me when I am sick. First wheat in almost three months! Of course the kids then wanted a piece too. It didn’t seem to cause any stomach discomfort for either of them, but later that afternoon Jonas did have a potty accident. He also had damp pants a couple times the rest of the weekend.

Since we were sick over Easter, we just celebrated this last weekend. Both of the grandmas have been supportive of us doing this, and I am grateful for their efforts to provide food we can eat when we get together. Over the weekend, the kids did have a couple things that they shouldn’t have though. My mom didn’t realize that the pickles she bought had food coloring and preservatives. My kids love pickles and we were out of lacto-fermented ones, so I let them have some since it was a special occasion. She also brought some roasted peanuts and pistachios, which they love and will eat as much as they can. So whether it was the pickles or too many nuts I don’t know, but Jonas has had a couple BM accidents in the last two days. I realize it is possibly a coincidence, but incontinence has not been an issue lately, and when it coincides with eating an “illegal” food, it makes sense to me that the food is the cause. After drinking a lot of broth while sick, we got out of the habit for a week, so perhaps it is also that he hasn’t been getting that healing nourishment in the last several days. Just got back on the broth yesterday. We’ll see if things clear up again.

On a positive note, we have been able to introduce some dairy into Jonas’ diet. He has been having raw milk kefir in smoothies for several weeks. A few weeks ago I made some raw sour cream which he is also doing well on. I have been mixing half sour cream and half homemade mayo with some spices to make a veggie dip. This has been great because he loves dips and he will eat more veggies if he has one. So, yay for that! I ran out of kefir last week so I used a couple ounces of raw milk in a smoothie. He didn’t have any reaction, but it was a small amount. I plan to hold off on the milk a while longer as it was something he was definitely reacting to in the past. We’ll probably try a little yogurt and maybe raw cheese soon.

The only “cheat” we do is we have potatoes once every week or two. Potatoes have always been a winter staple for us, and I have found it hard when meal planning to cut them out completely. We had them once with no noticeable ill effects, so I am allowing them occasionally, though I do realize they are a source of sugar for the unhealthy gut flora. Soon we will have a bounty of summer veggies, and we will have so many more options.

We have easily grown accustomed to this way of eating. We do not feel deprived. While it is a lot of work, the fact that it is working for us makes it worth it.