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We celebrated my Dad’s birthday last weekend, and I want to share a recipe with anyone looking for a GAPS and Paleo friendly party cake – because it was really good. Jonas, while enjoying a leftover piece the next day, said it was the best cake he ever had. Exaggeration, perhaps, but I do agree that it was delicious.

Birthday Cake

The recipe comes from Nourished And Nurtured. I doubled her cupcake recipe, and it worked perfectly for two 9″ round pans. A single batch of the frosting was plenty to cover the tops of both cakes.

I served it with chocolate banana ice cream, but I think fresh berries would pair wonderfully with this delicate cake.

And here’s my super simple ice cream recipe:

one can coconut milk
two raw egg yolks
one ripe banana
two tablespoons cocoa powder
two tablespoons raw honey
one teaspoon vanilla

Mix it up in your blender and chill it in the fridge before pouring it into your ice cream maker.

Bridget helped make the cake and place the candles.

Bridget helped make the cake and place the candles.